Honorary Memberships

We are seeking nominations of esteemed colleagues for Honorary Memberships to acknowledge their significant contributions to the field of Parasitology. Recipients are scientists of established careers who have contributed outstanding achievements and are distinguished leaders of their field.These individuals will in turn act as ambassadors for the BSP and support its mission and values.

Nominations for Honorary Memberships

Nominations are now open for the 2023 Honorary memberships.

The nomination procedure has been simplified. Nominations must be made in writing to the Hon General Secretary (Prof Martin Llewellyn,, presenting a case for the awarding of the medal. The deadline for nominations for the 2022 medal is 12th January 2024.

Nominations are invited from members of BSP for this award for which the following conditions apply:

  • The medal is awarded for contributions to the discipline of parasitology in the broadest sense
  • Each nomination is made by a proposer who must be a bonafide paid-up member of BSP
  • All currently serving officers and members of Council are excluded from acting as proposers for candidates
  • No currently serving officers or members of Council may be nominated as candidates
  • Nominations must be made in writing to the Hon General Secretary, presenting a case for the awarding of the medal to the nominee

Following receipt of nominations, candidates will be contacted by the Hon. Gen. Secretary, requesting confirmation that they meet the eligibility requirements and wish to be considered for the honour. If so, they will then be considered by the BSP Council at the first meeting of each calendar year.

All documents dealing with the unsuccessful candidates will be destroyed by the Hon. General Secretary immediately after the relevant Council meeting and no record will be kept in the Society’s archives other than the name and papers of the successful candidate.

The Council reserves the following rights:

  • Not to make an award in a particular year
  • To make two awards if is unable to resolve a tie or if it is unreasonable to exclude one of the tied individuals

The Honorary Memberships will be announced and presented by the President at the AGM.

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